How to train and retain your data analysts

As demand for skilled analysts grows, you need to keep hold of yours by giving them the right training and support.

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Keep hold of analytical talent by supporting and nurturing

Data-driven insight is key to making wiser business decisions. Everyone knows that.

The sharpest analysis comes from loyal, motivated analysts who are genuinely invested in your organisation and its goals. But to get these sorts of analysts, you need to invest time and effort into training and supporting them properly. These days, that means more than just honing their technical abilities: you need to develop their softer skills as well, because the role of the analyst is evolving.

That’s why we’ve put together this guide for you.

Follow our advice and your analytical staff will become long-term employees who provide the kind of invaluable insight that nobody else can.

Raise the profile of your analytics team by giving each analyst the individual attention and support that they need. Our guide explains exactly how to do this.

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Identifying skills gaps

Each analyst is different from the next, with their own strengths and weaknesses. Your task is to focus on the areas where they can develop.

Managing analysts effectively

Analysts need the space to do their own work while also feeling trusted, valued and supported. It’s a tough balance to get right.

Encouraging proactivity

When analysts work proactively and are involved in projects as early as possible, that’s when the best work happens. But passivity is the default.

Supporting professional growth

For an analyst to develop individually and strengthen their weaknesses, they need guidance and a unique PDP. And the goals need to be achievable.

How to train and retain your data analysts

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