Pathway to Account Level Profitability

Giving you the ability to access active intelligence for profitability optimisation

Profitability is not a nice to have. Profitability is the number one purpose of every business.

Understanding the profitability of your customers, your products, and your processes at a granular level and over the customers lifetime is absolutely mission critical.

Demarq-ALP answers enables organisations to answer the question ‘who are my most profitable and unprofitable customers’.

In a crowded and ever changing marketplace, your strategy needs to be as refined and streamlined as possible to deliver maximum profitability and stay ahead of the competition.

Demarq-ALP brings together individual account data from financial, credit management and transactional systems into a single version of the truth reconciled back to the source data allowing organisations to work with trustworthy, account level data instead of averages.

A series of P&L and reconciliation reports provide the organisation with valuable insights and the output data from ALP is provided for ingestion into the customers operational and BI tools ensuring you drive further insights and value from your investment in Demarq-ALP.

Strategic decisions are better informed, profitable account behaviour can be increased, unprofitable activities and campaigns are eliminated, and a consistent and standardised view is achieved across the business eliminating the risk of regulatory non-compliance from inaccurate data.


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Five very good reasons why Demarq’s ALP platform will optimise your business profitability.

1. It improves your targeting precision

The tracking of marginal revenues and costs enables the targeting of accounts based on incremental value instead of average values. Calculating costs and revenues at account level provides a truer measure of marginal profit for each account every month so you can make more informed strategic decisions.

2. It allows you to take action on unprofitable accounts

Our ALP platform identifies individual accounts with negative marginal contribution to profit and analyses the key contributing factors, thus facilitating higher precision strategies.

3. It enables you to assign risk costs on dormant and non-delinquent accounts

You’ll be able to assess and assign risk costs based on highly granular transaction and account level data. By recognising symptoms, risk and profit mitigation strategies can be initiated on the riskiest accounts long before they become delinquent.

4. It gives you a single version of the truth

Typically, common business terms lack an agreed business and technical definition; and imprecise definitions can yield very different results at the portfolio and account level. Demarq consults with you to define and ratify business terms at a technical level; which means you can be assured of precision in your results.

5. It reconciles all data to the general ledger and product billing system

With Demarq’s ALP platform, all analytic data is reconciled to the financial accounting general ledger. The platform is also consistent with the corresponding billing and transaction systems and compares key metrics consolidated from multiple production system reports to give a highly accurate and seamless view of a client’s financial performance.

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