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Demystify your data. At Demarq, we implement a compliant AI solution for insurers that enables accurate quotations and real-time pricing.

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Insurance powered by data innovation

Insurance is changing. Companies like yours have a decision to make: innovate or risk falling behind.  The vehicle for transformation is data. But in huge volumes it’s simply unmanageable if left unstructured. A holistic AI platform like SAS Viya harnesses and converts this fast-moving data into tangible benefits like smarter pricing models and lightning-fast quotes.  Demarq’s Actuarial Transformation service delivers all this on time and in budget, so you can focus on business as usual.

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SAS Webinar: What does the future hold for insurance?

This SAS webinar explains why, in little over a decade, the insurance industry is a completely new world. With a new wave of digital disruptors, find out why insurers need granular intelligence and analytical reform to survive. Here’s how to calculate risk at the segment of one.  

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Actuarial transformation through AI. A perfectly managed transition to SAS.

Depth and breadth of data is key to innovation in insurance. But with huge datasets comes huge complexity.

Covéa needed a scalable platform that would consolidate data, make analytics visual, and deliver peace of mind that pricing processes were fully compliant.

Covéa also needed to train models using large data sets, while ensuring further compliance.

AI implementation was critical to take control, but it had to be carried out by a SAS recommended expert, efficiently and cost-effectively.

Demarq’s Actuarial Transformation service ticked every box.

Why choose Demarq’s Actuarial Transformation service?

Lower costs

Partnering with Demarq is more cost effective than sourcing an external data expert and more efficient than hiring in-house.

SAS partner of choice

Demarq is a team of highly experienced SAS experts. We will make sure this powerful platform is maximised for your needs.


The SAS analytics platform is non-linear and entirely cloud-based so it’s fully scalable for future demand.


Insurers can guarantee business as usual while Demarq implements their new SAS platform.

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Actuarial transformation tailored to you

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