“HooperHyde were representing a large group of clients, with multiple opponents, in a £6million breach of contract and fraud case. Challenging deadlines meant that we had to find a way to quickly analyse large volumes of financial data from the defendants’ bank accounts to support our clients’ case and enable us to decide on our next strategic move. The sheer volume of the documentation presented meant we were faced with potentially hours of transferring data to a master spreadsheet from disparate sources before even starting to analyse the actual statements themselves. It was going to take many, many man hours.

But then we found Demarq-Oscar.

Demarq-Oscar enabled us to rapidly extract the data from the bank statements and transfer them into a uniform format in Excel. It then meant we could sort and analyse the data so much more easily. It reduced delivery time and ultimately the cost to the clients and reduced the risk posed by human error in manual data transfer. We could be confident in our investigations and analysis. Quite simply it did exactly what we needed it to. It saved time, money and effort and gave us the results we needed, without the headache.”

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