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Rapidly digitise your physical data

Cloud-based solution turning paper documents into accurate and usable digital data so you can spend your time where it matters.

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Rapidly and accurately transform your data

Get more value from your data while making it more reliable as well as quicker and easier to analyse by digitising your paper based documents.

Demarq Oscar quickly and effectively converts your data from physical sources to digital format, providing you with accurate results you can trust instantly through use of Optical Character Recognition and Artificial Intelligence.

Search and edit your data

Say goodbye to trawling through stacks of paper looking for a specific document, number, date or other piece of information thanks to Oscar’s powerful search tool.

Manual searching of multiple pages is replaced by instant analysis of data, at any scale. Data entry and manual tasks are eradicated, your data is editable and formattable at pace, leaving you free to find the value within your data.

Used by department of Work and Pensions Counter Fraud and Compliance Directorate to help identify, prevent and recover losses from fraudulent activity relating to benefit claims

Increase confidence in your data quality

Get data you can trust in a format that allows you to work more effectively and efficiently. Automated data quality checks give you a confidence score for each document so high quality data is at your fingertips within seconds.

Improve your data, your workflow, your insight:

Demarq Oscar is your route to a slicker, more productive workflow. It puts you in control, takes away labour-intensive tasks and improves your data quality. 

It saves you time.  It saves you money.

"Demarq Oscar saved time, money and effort and gave us the results we needed, without the headache." Read more

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Get started for free

What's included

  • Bank Statements Only
  • Up to 30 pages
  • No download or installations required
  • Extract and arrange raw data into digitised format
  • Formatted for quick analysis
  • Download digitised data into .xls


£49.99 /mo per user

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What's included

  • Bank Statements Only
  • 500 pages per month
  • No download or installations required
  • Extract and arrange raw data into digitised format
  • Download digitised data into .xls
  • Formatted for quick analysis
  • Save and re-visit your work


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What's included

  • Bespoke pricing available on request
  • Unlimited access for multiple users
  • AI driven solution designed to meet your specific need
  • Formatted and categorised for quick analysis
  • Search and index your imported data
  • Secure, cloud-based document store
  • Up to 1tb of storage included
  • Save and re-visit your work
  • In-built data quality checks
  • API’s available to feed data back into your own systems
  • Tailorable components for your specific use cases

Spend more time where it matters

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Select your documents for import and watch them rapidly transform into searchable, editable data.

Perform analysis

Oscar quickly performs labour-intensive tasks giving you more time to analyse your data and find the value in it.

Frequently asked questions

You can import any document where your data is stored as an image, such as PDFs or Jpeg.