Productivity and impact: Are analysts maximising their value?

Ask any analyst (or indeed their clients) what frustrates them the most and a likely answer will be what Demarq Academy has coined ‘re-work’. Take a typical example: an analyst submits some work to the client. The analyst thinks [s]he’s done a pretty good job. But then the client comes back and says, that wasn’t quite what we were after, can we change this, can we try that?

Maybe the client’s original brief was ambiguous. Maybe the analyst misunderstood their needs. Perhaps the analyst realised too late that what the client thought they needed wasn’t necessarily the right solution. And if the analyst didn’t have the experience to ask about the background to the job, they might not have advised the client correctly. So back to the job everybody goes. Re-work.

How much more efficient would the process be if an analyst knew how to extract the right information from the client in the first place? That’s where Demarq Academy can really help. Our soft skills development training enables analysts to:

Because at Demarq Academy we understand that clear communication is essential to avoiding the ‘re-work’ trap. Which ultimately amounts to increased productivity and consultative impact (and a whole lot less frustration!).

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