Demarq Academy: Addressing the Soft Skills Gap

When analytical services provider Demarq recently acquired data analytics training specialists, Sophic, the resulting Demarq Academy served to further elevate Demarq’s position as one of the leading providers of analytical services in the UK. The newly launched Demarq Academy offers a comprehensive collection of interactive and insightful development training workshops for data analysts of all levels.

But what really makes Demarq Academy’s offering stand out is its unique proposition of analysts training analysts. These are courses designed and delivered by senior analysts who’ve been managing analytical projects and teams for 25 years. Having accrued a wealth of industry expertise and knowledge, they unequivocably know what it takes to get ahead.

‘Whilst employers can readily identify the highest technically adept analysts, they won’t necessarily get the all-rounders’, says Steve Hulmes, Head of Demarq Academy. ‘Analysts who’ve got the soft skills to support their technical ability and thus give true business value. It’s what makes the difference between a good analyst and a great analyst; and that’s where Academy can really help.’

And if you’re an analytical team manager, this is food for thought. Whilst technology continues to march on and companies gain access to ever more data, it’s worth asking yourself the question: are you extracting optimum value out of your team? Are your analysts true business assets? In short, are your analysts great?