Accolade for Demarq Academy: voted one of the top 100 innovative companies in Manchester

Demarq Academy is proud to be recognised by Innovation100 Greater Manchester, an initiative designed by Business Growth Hub and Business Quarterly to highlight some of Manchester’s most progressively thinking small and medium sized businesses.

Whilst Academy itself is a fresh and exciting new venture for Demarq (it launched in 2017), Demarq’s wealth of analytical experience reaches back over 25 years. So when it comes to analytical training, Academy isn’t just another company teaching run of the mill communication and presentation skills.

As Steve Hulmes, Head of Demarq Academy, states: ‘We’re analysts training analysts and we believe that’s what makes our courses genuinely different and inherently more valuable. But It’s one thing to feel you’ve got something uniquely innovative to offer and another to actually be credited with that accolade.

Featuring in Innovation100 Greater Manchester really gives Demarq Academy the opportunity to showcase our soft skills development training courses and generate a wider awareness of the huge value these courses can bring to analysts who truly want to excel.’

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