Irish bank credits Demarq’s Environment Management Services for delivering SAS platform ROI

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By significantly improving how a mid-sized bank managed its SAS analytical environment, Demarq transitioned an under-performing platform into a highly effective business asset. The result of this collaboration lead to:


A stable environment


Increased up-time


Increased performance and scalability of the SAS platform


A more effective and productive IT Function


More interaction with the platform from the business users


Increased confidence in the platform capabilities


A recognised return on investment

How did these benefits translate into business value for the bank?

• The bank’s IT Function was transformed from merely fire-fighting to actively supporting analytical projects that continue to drive positive business outcomes.
• The bank saved money by enabling the Risk team to deploy IFRS9 alongside their IRB modelling despite concern that this would represent an unrealistic workload on the SAS Grid. Increased productivity and capability meant the environment didn’t have to be scaled.
• The bank’s Customer Analytics team are now widely regarded as industry thought leaders in the Republic of Ireland. The Head of Marketing Analytics is active in forums presenting business success to the industry; a success built on a stable environment.

The background story

The bank had made a considerable investment in their analytical platform (hardware and software) to address differing business requirements: The Risk team had regulatory requirements around IRB (Basel 2) and IFRS9. The Customer Analytics team needed to leverage their ever-increasing load of customer-centric data to optimise marketing campaigns and customer relationship management. It was hoped that procurement of SAS Grid architecture would give them the ability to run disparate workloads in parallel on a single infrastructure sharing a single SAS Software license.

However, this considerable resource was only delivering limited value to the business as the bank’s IT Function struggled to manage the environment effectively.

How were the IT Function issues impacting the bank?

• The analytical environment was often unavailable due to storage and I/O bottleneck issues. Re-starts were lengthy.
• There was often environment overload due to multiple businesses migrating work onto the system.
• The support function available to users was purely reactive.
• Internal process was hindering required maintenance.
• The analytics environment was draining IT resource and defocusing them from other responsibilities.

Consequently, as the IT Function failed to deliver a stable, resilient environment, the bank was unable to perform the required analytics; and this was amounting to a loss in confidence in the platform and its perceived ROI value.

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• The passion we have for helping our customers achieve their business goals.

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