Tailored training for data analytics teams

With our help, and using our modules to tailor a training programme to your team’s needs, you can upskill all of your data analysts simultaneously and get everyone aligned, gearing them up for individual and collective success.

Tailored training for data analytics teams

Our training is designed to inspire your team to work better together and with stakeholders, proving that they’re far from being just a bunch of ‘number-crunchers’. To help make that happen, you can choose the skills modules that comprise your team’s training package.

Create your course from our skills modules

Perspective and perception

Understanding and developing the right mindset to deliver good analytical service.


Developing the tools to build trust and credibility with stakeholders, working naturally towards a proactive consultative service model.

Workload management

Planning effectively and communicating assertively to avoid over-promising and under-delivering.

Needs-based report design

Designing robust hierarchical reports that meet and exceed stakeholder needs and expectations.

Interpretation and commentary

A framework for writing objective and subjective interpretation that will bring data analysis alive for its audiences.

Data visualisation

Developing effective explanatory charts: the theory and the practical steps required to present charts that deliver messages.

Influencing and negotiating

Practical tips on influencing stakeholders – based on Dr Robert Cialdini’s six principles of influencing.

Storytelling with data

Developing impactful analytical slide-decks that engage stakeholders through clear narrative.

Emotional intelligence

Understanding how applying EI can help the analyst develop better relationships with colleagues and stakeholders.

Personality profiling

Using personality types to understand and appreciate differences in people’s motivations and behaviours.

Stakeholder mapping

Understanding your various stakeholders and how to establish and maintain effective working relationships with them.

Managing people

Practical tips on making the shift from analyst to manager of analysts, and how to adjust your approach to your work.

So, with those skillsets in mind, let’s get to work on creating a tailored training package for your team.

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Why choose Demarq to develop your team’s soft skills?


We can design a training course specifically for your team, addressing key areas to add immediate value.


We’ll deliver the training wherever and whenever is best for you and your team. At your premises? Elsewhere? You decide.


The training format allows you to discuss your challenges together as a team, enabling you to collectively overcome them.


Depending on your requirements, we can expand our training from one day to six days – you just let us know what you need.


We’re experienced data analysts ourselves, so we know what’s useful and insightful, and what isn’t.


Our hands-on courses entail real-world case studies and tasks that test learning along the way.


Your analysts can come away from our courses and apply our advice and our methods right away.


We’ve trained more than 1,000 analysts from various industries: banking, retail, telco, and more.

Some of the businesses we’ve trained and coached

Telegraph Swinton Insurance Co-op bank HSBC EDF Boots

What analysts think of our training

Easy to absorb

Thoroughly enjoyed the course. The interactive nature of it made it fun and easy to absorb the learning.

Memorable and adaptable

Fantastic. Really important concepts presented in a memorable and adaptable (to real-life situations) way! Thank you.

Really good, very relevant!

Really good, very relevant! Have not seen anything else out there similar which is specifically geared towards analysis.

Incredibly positive

Thoroughly enjoyed it and couldn’t recommend it any more highly. Incredibly positive.

Tailored training for data analytics teams

Our training will raise your data analysts’ profiles and enhance their work. Want to know more?

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