Presenting data for impact

Equip your analysts with presentation skills that will help them get their findings and their messages across to stakeholders.

What is it?

Analysts often neglect the presentation of their work, especially when deadlines are tight. This course reinforces the role effective presentation plays in both the customer’s perception of the analyst and the impact of their work. Taking examples and exercises from real-life analytical scenarios, participants are provided with key tips to ensure their outputs are clear, concise, understandable and impactful.

Who is it for?

Suitable for all data analysts – insight analysts; marketing analysts; credit risk analysts; data scientists; modellers; business intelligence professionals – anyone whose job it is to provide insight and analysis to their organisation or their organisation’s clients.

Content: skills modules included


  • The importance and impact of effective presentation


  • Designing effective data tables
  • Using data hierarchies to improve understanding
  • Incorporating effective value-add summaries

Data visualisation

  • Understanding exploratory and explanatory charts
  • Charting theory
  • Key steps to developing effective charts

What are the fees?

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This course is part of the
'Analytical effectiveness' level
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Why choose Demarq to train your data analysts?


We’re experienced data analysts ourselves, so we know what’s useful and insightful, and what isn’t.


Our hands-on courses entail real-world case studies and tasks that test learning along the way.


Your analysts can come away from our courses and apply our advice and our methods right away.


We’ve trained more than 1,000 analysts from various industries: banking, retail, telco, and more.

Some of the businesses we’ve trained and coached

Telegraph Swinton Insurance Co-op bank HSBC EDF Boots

What analysts think of our training

Easy to absorb

Thoroughly enjoyed the course. The interactive nature of it made it fun and easy to absorb the learning.

Memorable and adaptable

Fantastic. Really important concepts presented in a memorable and adaptable (to real-life situations) way! Thank you.

Really good, very relevant!

Really good, very relevant! Have not seen anything else out there similar which is specifically geared towards analysis.

Incredibly positive

Thoroughly enjoyed it and couldn’t recommend it any more highly. Incredibly positive.

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Presenting data for impact

Our training will raise your data analysts’ profiles and enhance their work. Want to know more?

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