Training for data analysts: Soft skills & CPD

We deliver intensive, practical training courses that upskill data analysts to have a deeper impact on business decision-making.

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Who we train

To deliver truly practical, relevant training to your organisation, our courses are designed for your employees’ specific needs:

Individual ​​​​​​​analysts

We can give your data analysts the soft-skills makeovers they need to develop individually and raise their profiles within your business, thereby adding value.

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Analyst teams and organisations

Working to your schedule and visiting your workplace, we can teach your analysts how to develop their skills while continuing to hone their technical abilities.

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Graduate analysts

Graduates need solid foundations and attentive nurturing in order to advance in their careers. We can give your graduates a head-start by developing their soft skills.

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Some of the businesses we’ve trained and coached

Telegraph Swinton Insurance Co-op bank HSBC EDF Boots

Understanding the true role of an analyst

A successful analyst does more than just translate numbers into words. They investigate, they forecast, they predict, they give insight. Above all, they inform and improve business decision-making.

To reach their full potential and prove truly valuable, they need refined soft skills to complement the technical talent that made them become an analyst in the first place.

We can help you with that.

How to train and retain your analysts

As demand for skilled analysts grows, you need to keep hold of yours by giving them the right training and support.

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Our courses

Each of our courses is designed with specific skills and areas of development in mind. Some lean heavily towards soft skills such as managing people, using emotional intelligence, negotiating and influencing, and generally communicating with others. Some are more focused on more technical aspects such as visualising data, storytelling with data, interpretation and commentary, and structuring needs-based reports.

The following packaged courses are built from our skills modules which can also be combined to provide a tailored solution for your own team of analysts:

2 days
Delivering analytics for business

Effective analysts need more than just technical skills. We can teach your analysts how to plan projects for success, and how to communicate better with stakeholders.

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1 day
Presenting data for impact

Analysis has more impact when it’s presented well. We'll show your analysts how to make their outputs clearer and more understandable through data visualisation and commentary.

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1 day
Storytelling with data

Analysis is far more compelling when it tells a story. We will give your analysts the formula for effective slide-decks that maximise stakeholder buy-in.

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1 day
Managing stakeholders

Effective liaison can be difficult for junior analysts, but establishing and maintaining effective working relationships is a skill they will need.

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1 day
Influencing & negotiating

Delivering persuasive arguments to different personality-types is a specialist skill, but one that will raise any analyst’s profile. We can teach it.

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2 days
Managing analysts

Transitioning from analyst to manager entails a huge shift in approach and mindset. Our coaching will prepare your analysts for effective management.

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Meet the team

Steve Hulmes

Steve Hulmes

Head of Academy
Steve is the engine of Demarq’s Training Academy. With a 25-year track record of success in data analysis – including the management of analytical teams within various organisations, and the founding of his own training company – he is one of the country’s most experienced and most qualified trainers.
Andy Mills

Andy Mills

Head of Analytics
Andy is the analytical driving-force of Demarq’s Training Academy. With 25 years of client-side experience in customer analytics (specifically within the financial-services sphere), he has run teams, coached individuals, managed stakeholders, and more. Above all, he believes that people are the most valuable assets in business.

Why choose Demarq Academy to train your data analysts?


We’re experienced data analysts ourselves, so we know what’s useful and insightful, and what isn’t.


Our hands-on courses entail real-world case studies and tasks that test learning along the way.


Your analysts can come away from our courses and apply our advice and our methods right away.


We’ve trained more than 1,000 analysts from various industries: banking, retail, telco, and more.

Want to learn more about our training courses? Or want to arrange a tailored training programme for your data analysts?

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Training for data analysts: Soft skills & CPD

Our training will raise your data analysts’ profiles and enhance their work.
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