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We're an independent technical consultancy that puts your business objectives at the centre of ours.

Demarq is a small, independent technical consultancy specialising in Customer Analytics, Business Intelligence, Data Management and Environment Management.

Whilst we partner with vendors we believe we provide the best in market services (in the event you require additional technology), rest assured that our advice and guidance is always impartial.

We’ve worked with many organisations over the years, from small pharmaceutical companies up to national banks, helping them turn their business problems into far reaching, measurable outcomes.

And with a wealth of client-side experience across a wide range of technologies and industry sectors, we understand how important insight, integrity and ingenuity is to our customers.

But we also want to inspire you to keep questioning your technology, your methods, your capabilities so that you’ll continue to focus on getting the very best out of your business resources for years to come.

Demarq. Assured technical expertise.

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We’ve developed ‘Pathways’. It’s our approach to breaking a project down into small manageable phases, or stepping stones, that make it really easy to get your project started and then what to expect along the way.

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